AR Buyer Guide

Step 1:  Decide on a budget

What kind of budget do you have in mind?  A $600 gun is very different than a $5000 gun.  Set a maximum amount you're willing to spend, then pick the other options.  If you're still not sure on an exact number, we suggest picking one of the following:

  • I want an AR as cheap as possible
  • I am open to options/upgrades if they're not too expensive
  • I don't care what it costs, give me the best


Step 2:  Pick a barrel length

Do you want a pistol or a rifle?  The ATF has different regulations depending on which you choose.  A rifle with a barrel 16" or longer can have a regular stock and a vertical foregrip, while a pistol can't have a vertical grip and needs to use a stabilizing brace instead of a stock.


Step 3: Options

All of our budget ARs have mil-spec hardware standard (stock, grip, fire control group.)  We build all of our ARs ourselves, so we're happy to build exactly what you want.

Common areas to upgrade:

  • Grip
  • Trigger
  • Stock
  • Safety selector
  • Bolt release
  • Dust cover
  • Muzzle device


Still lost or confused?  Email us, or call/text us at 469-581-1222.